Bodhi Mission

 Bodhi Mission is a wing of California Bodhi Vihara. Within California Bodhi Vihara what we practice and teach is the doctrine of Buddhism, mainly the ethical,philosophical and meditative aspects, preserved in Pali canonical texts : Triple canon (Ti-pitaka). A brief description of itis  given bellow:  

 1. BUDDHISM   Since Buddhism places such greatemphasis on personal understanding and effort, rather than blind faith, it is often asked: Is Buddhism a "religion"? The combination of wisdom and compassion (Bodhi ). Invitation to skeptical inquiry,questioning authority, and the development of insight. "Spirituality" vs."religion."

 11. KARMA     Why do bad things happen to good people? Deeds produce mental-resultants as well as bearing fruit in this and future lives. personal choice and future responsibility, as we by our deeds design our own " Fates" and destinies.

 111. HAPPINESS  We crave only pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. But we meet with pain, frustration, and sorrow.What's going wrong ? Why do even the most privileged among us feel dissatisfied? Nirvana, bliss, rapture, and contentment.

 1V. DEATH       Comforting the bereaved, mourning, and assisting those who have passed away. Taboo in polite society, the transition from one existence to another  is discussed frankly. Who or what passes away? The special value of human life. How our (death-proximate) consciousness conditions our next rebirth?

 V. REBIRTH   What determines rebirth? Wonderful, woeful,and human rebirth--plus angel, animal, and realms. Desire, aversion,and ignorance as primary causes of rebirth. Within this Wheel of Life and Death(Samsara),  thereis no " being," only becoming, becoming....and again becoming. Freedom from rebirth.

 V1. GOD  " God" in Buddhistperspective. Alternative  other views.God as creator meting out rewards and punishments, or merely as a well-born being? Pan-, mono-,poly-,a-, and non-theism are discussed. The GOD in us all.

 V11. ENLIGHTENMENT  " There is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance and there is no enemy like the enemy of  hatred.  Develop the light of  wisdom-that is, realize the liberating Truth by developing compassion and overcoming greed, hatred, delusion in thisvery life. Noble individuals are in the world.

                                      PURPOSE :

The specific and primary purpose of our Vihara shall be to operate a Buddhist temple to worship Shakyamuni Buddha and to teach the Buddha's teaching through out it's activities. To achieve this goal, our Vihara  shall :

 a. Promote study and practices of the Buddha's teachings based on Bodhi (compassion and wisdom) 

b. Support and maintain inter- faith communication and cultural exchange.

c. Issue and distribute literature directly related to the above purposes.

d. Acquire and hold land for the purpose of setting up places of worship, residence & training center for Buddhist monks and an institution for Buddhist Studies.

e. Establish and maintain a Library mainly on Buddhist books.

f. Serve the suffering humanity based on Buddhist aspect of compassion

g. Engage in other formal and informal activities related to Buddhist education and practices

h. Affiliate with other organizations whose purposes are similar to the above.


      An appeal from California Bodhi Vihara

on behalf of Bangladesh Buddhist Community, California


Venerable sir/ Brother/Sister in Dharma

All of the major religions of the world have centers in the USA, which enjoys excellent religious freedoms. The hope, beauty, and progress of this country are the result of the many contributions made by different religious and cultural groups since its founding. Bangladeshi Buddhists trace their historical lineage to the people surrounding the Buddha’s sacred enlightenment place: Bodhgaya, India. From those roots, separating from the United Kingdom, India, and most recently Bangladeshi Buddhists are gradually increasing in number in America.

There is a small and thriving Buddhist community consisting of about 40 Bengali families in Los Angeles County.The majority oftheseimmigrants, with a few notable exceptions, work as salaried employees or simply subsist as hourly wage earners. But even for individuals who are not economically solvent, there is nonetheless a strong sense of devotion to our ancient religious roots. As Buddhist monks connected to this community, we feel a sympathetic responsibility to keep current and future generations on the path of Dharma. Were this not to be done, the culture of modern civilization might convert them to mere servants of commerce. Moreover, although rooted in a Bengali community, our efforts reach out and welcome all communities.

We have therefore recently initiated the founding of a modest, make-shift temple. It is based in a residential community at a rented house in Long Beach, California, which serves as a  monastic residence. There are currently four monks who provides services and outreach to the Bangladeshi Buddhist community in Southern California, American seekers, and other Buddhist communities in the area. We provide meditation instruction, daily chanting and worship services, Dharma, and Pali language classes (the ancient Indian dialect spoken by the Buddha and originally used to record his teachings), as well as cultural performances performed by both children and adults on special weekends.

 We are in great need of a proper and permanent temple, so that we may serve these communities and host more outreach efforts to ensure that the Buddha's original teaching remain vibrant and meaningful in people's daily lives. Our original plans were to purchase a temple rather than paying $2,000 every month in rent that brought us no closer to permanent ownership. Unfortunately, we have been unable to finance these plans without more support and the support of other communities. We have located properties which meets our requirements. But time and again, regrettably, we have not been able to finance them without additional financial support.

 Given these circumstances, we humbly request your generous financial support. Any check, money order, cash, or other donation may be sent to : California Bodhi Vihara (CABV).Mailing address : 1461 Lemon Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813, USA. Caifornia Bodhi Vihara, a tax exempt nonprofit religious Incorporation registered in State of Caifornia. All donations to California Bodhi Vihara  are tax detuctible in the USA.

 For further information, or to volunteer your timeor expertise, please contact Tel: 562-253-4166 or 562 218-8160,E-mail


May you achieve  happiness  & peace by the blessing of the Buddha, Dharma & Sangha   



Sangha members of CABV


                               All are welcome

                   Service Schedule   

  * Prayer  (Vandana )............................8.00 pm to 8.30 pm      
  * Meditation 
     First & 3rd Wednesday ........................7.00 pm to 8.00 pm
  * Meditation & Yoga  
     2nd & 4th Wednesday.......................... 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm
  * Dharma Classes on Buddhism
     First & 3rd Saturday ............................6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

     For groups: 
     A (Elementary), B (Secondary), C (Adults).

  * Language teaching: Pali & Bangla 
    2nd & 4th Saturday........................... ...6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

  * Devotional song & music training
     Friday....................................................7.00 pm to 8.00 pm


* Major Ceremonies:

   *  New year's day (January and April ).   

   * Maghi purnima >Buddha's passing away

      proclamation full moon           ( January )

   *  Vesak> Baishak> Shakyamuni Buddha's birth        

      enlightenment passing away day (May).
   *  Shakyamuni Buddha's first preaching day (July).

   *  Madhu purnima> honey offering full moon (Sept )
   *  Kathina> Sacred Robe offering (October).


The following five Sangha members are currently  giving Dharma services at our Vihara:

Ven. Dr. S. Karunananda, Abbot & Dharma master





























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Recent Photos


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